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Rainbow ABC's & 123's Sensory FILLER

Rainbow ABC's & 123's Sensory FILLER

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This mix is SO CUTE and the sound is amazing! The possibilities are endless, use this filler to explore letter, number, and color recognition! 

This purchase comes with 24ounces of a ADORABLE number and letter themed Sensory Filler for your kiddo to learn, play, and explore!

All of our fillers are dyed by hand and perfect to fill up our Activity Tubs or whatever Sensory Bin or bag you choose to use!

Children have a natural instinct to learn through play and that is why we are so passionate about creating these fillers that will empower your child's creativity and positive self-esteem!

Here are a few learning outcomes of playing with this filler:

  • Strengthened fine motor skills
  • Increased imaginative and creative thinking
  • Practicing self-regulation & Calming techniques
  • Building language and communication skills
  • Practicing problem-solving and critical thinking skills

All of our sensory fillers should be stored in a DRY airtight bag or container (The bag that your purchase will come in is great for storage so don't toss it!:) Keep in mind that our fillers ARE NOT taste-safe so they are not intended for consumption and should never be added to water! 

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    Great additions to your Activity Tub Purchase!

Set-Up & Care

Our Activity Tubs are made to be reusable! You can easily store the activity and bring it out for your child to play over and over again!

All Loose-parts and Fillers come seperatly packaged so you do not have to use EVERYTHING for each set-up.

We encourage you to use the lid as a tray to further extend your child's play environment!

Please DO NOT add water to any of the fillers included in your purchase! (except waterbeads of course)

HOWEVER, our Activity Tubs are great for water Play activities by themselves!

To clean the Activity Tubs & Play Tools, use warm water or a damp cloth (for the Activity Tub) and a little hand soap.

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