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Light up pop-it tubes

Light up pop-it tubes

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Pack of 6 extra cool LIGHT UP Pop Tubes!

These are SO COOL! Not only do they make that amazing pop sound but they light up and connect so your child can create and use their imagination day or night while increasing their focus and concentration!

Note: Upon receiving your purchase you will need to remove the white tag at the top of the tube and press black button to turn on the light.

The light had 3 modes, FAST, SLOW BLINK, STEADY!

Tubes are approx. 8" Long and stretch to 26" Long

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    Great additions to your Activity Tub Purchase!

Set-Up & Care

Our Activity Tubs are made to be reusable! You can easily store the activity and bring it out for your child to play over and over again!

All Loose-parts and Fillers come seperatly packaged so you do not have to use EVERYTHING for each set-up.

We encourage you to use the lid as a tray to further extend your child's play environment!

Please DO NOT add water to any of the fillers included in your purchase! (except waterbeads of course)

HOWEVER, our Activity Tubs are great for water Play activities by themselves!

To clean the Activity Tubs & Play Tools, use warm water or a damp cloth (for the Activity Tub) and a little hand soap.

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