At what age can I start Sensory Play with my child?

I get asked this question ALL the time! Yes, our products are currently recommended for ages 3 and up, however, sensory play can be started MUCH earlier, as young as right after birth! 

There are so many options for sensory play. You have Sensory Bins, Sensory Bags, Sensory Bottles, Sensory Walks, Gross Motor Activities, Lightbox Activities, Sensory Trays, Baby massages... the list goes on! 

I always like to say there is always an option for sensory play, if one thing doesn't work for you or your child, there are HUNDREDS of other options! On our DIY Instagram page and on our TikTok we post lots of options for Simple Sensory Bin fillers & set-ups! My goal is to not only be the one stop sensory play shop but to also be a resource for every parent out there regardless of social or economic status, if a parent is looking for a way to entertain their little ones, MEMA HOUSE has got your back! 

I will be using this blog space to post some simple recipe ideas as well as answer questions and help y'all get to know who I am and why you are going to love the Mema Fam! 

If you have any recipes you are looking for first, let me know! 

Love & Laughter Ya'll! ~ Elayne 

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